John Deere

John Deere

The green and yellow American tractor make has factories in Illinois and Mannheim, Germany. John Deere is the largest tractor manufacturer in the world.

John Deere is a big player in the agriculture sector, though also produces lawn tractors, snow blowers, earthmoving machinery, road maintenance vehicles etc.

They make a wide range of products apart from tractors in the agriculture sector too, for example combine harvesters, bale pressers, chippers, field sprayers etc.

John Deere makes products intended for both the European and American markets. These differ in exterior in order to satisfy applicable requirements. The series do correspond with each other, however.

Our overview is based on the European standard.


8R series

The engine power goes up to a maximum of 290 hp for the 8245 model and up to 450 hp for the 8400 model.

The 8RT is the version on caterpillar tracks.

7R series

Here, the maximum horsepower starts at 249, rising to 352 with the 7310 model.   John Deere is confident that it produces the best cabs in this class.

6R series

In this series, there is a choice between various power classes, from 135 to 202 hp, and different frame types, small, medium and large.

The 6RC is the luxury version of the 6M. It’s a compact and therefore manoeuvrable tractor with enough power to comfortably carry out lots of work.

5R series

A manoeuvrable, lightweight tractor with high lifting power. A functional tractor for carrying out lots of work in the countryside and in and around the farm. With a horsepower ranging from 90 to 117, it can be deployed in many areas.

Then it’s on to John Deere’s big boys.  And so we arrive at the 9R series, which has a maximum horsepower of 620.  The series is made up of the 9R, 9RT and the 9RX. The 9R is a wheeled tractor, the 9RT has 2 caterpillar tracks and the RX is an articulated tractor with 4 caterpillar tracks.