New Holland

New Holland


This machinery company was founded in Pennsylvania, America in 1895. It is one of the largest machinery and tractor manufacturers in the world.   In 1947, it was taken over by Sperry, and after various takeovers by, among others, Ford, it ended up in the hands of the Fiat Company.

Apart from tractors, the company manufactures various other machinery such as combination harvesters, presses, sprayers, diggers, mowers etc. New Holland also makes lawnmowers and compact tractors for gardening.

Case IH is also part of the business group along with Steyr.  Of course, there are similarities between the various brands.


New Holland  T9  with a maximum horsepower of almost 700 is an articulated tractor that is available as either a wheeled-tractor or with caterpillar tracks.  The engines satisfy the latest requirements, so emissions are minimal.

New Holland  T7  with a maximum horsepower of over 300.  You can choose between powershift or CVT.  The heavier models are only available with CVT.

New Holland T6  with a maximum horsepower of 175. There are options here too, including between ElectroCommand and CVT.

New Holland  T5  with a maximum horsepower of almost 120, and available with ElectroCommand.

Other New Holland products.

Combination harvesters

Combination harvesters are an important pillar of the New Holland group. After the takeover of the Belgian company Claeys, the yellow New Holland combine harvesters can be seen during the summer harvesting grain and in the autumn during the grain maize harvest.  The largest combine harvester in the CR series is the CR10.90, which has an engine power of 653 hp.


New Holland makes the Fr series, which runs from the Fr 480, with an engine power of 476 hp, to the Fr 780, with no lees than 775 hp.

New Holland aims for a big capacity of qualitatively good harvest quality, low business costs, driving pleasure and good fuel economy.