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Horsepowers Online’ website allows you to re-watch videos. You can search for and re-watch any video by using the search bar. Say you’re a fan of John Deere, or a specific John Deere model: type the name into the search bar and you will get a list of results showing all available John Deere videos or videos of the specific John Deere model. If you type in a film maker’s name, then all available videos by that particular filmmaker will appear.
We are currently working on organising videos by category. That might mean grouping the various brands, or the different machinery. These might be bale presses, chippers, self-propelled harvesters etc.

Another option that is often used is selecting the most viewed videos, which are usually the most spectacular ones, or show innovations in the field. Videos that are also highly popular are ones that show machinery and tractors with a lot of horsepower. Much-loved tractors include the IHC 1455, Fendt 1050 and anything having a turbo.
By clicking on latest videos, you can take a look back at how things went in last year’s season.

Suggestions are also made to watch other videos.

On Horsepowers Online’ Facebook page, you can also read through everyone’s reactions to the various videos. The reactions can be constructive and critical, but they are often humorous or trigger an intense discussion.

As you will understand, the site is constantly in development in order to make it as attractive as possible. The filmmakers are also working hard towards the same goal: most films are supplied with HD quality, and now that the drone has become commonplace, capturing all the action has never been easier. All of this helps create a better site…