More Top Things To Do When Stuck Waiting In A Tractor! — Farm Grown, Country Strong

Published on Aug 01, 2017 by horsepowers

If you farm, more than likely you were at one point stuck waiting in a field. Maybe waiting in a tractor for another wagon so you could get back to chopping or baling or maybe waiting on a part so you could get something fixed and get a field planted. That list of possibilities could go on and on… Well, building off of our first video and list of ideas, here is another list of things to do when you’re stuck waiting in a field!

1) Crossword Puzzle
2) Strengthen Your Handshake Muscles* (*you’ll figure it out…)
3) Rehearse Shakespeare
4) Practice Mind Benders
5) Line Up A Date & Get Ready For It!
6) Check Some Routine Maintenance
7) Make Some Calls…