In 1913, the Claas brothers began developing a reaper-binder in Westphalia, Germany.  Fun fact: Claas was already manufacturing a loader wagon for hay in 1934.

After that came the drawn combine harvester. This made Claas a big player in the world of agriculture machinery production. The Claas chippers were launched in 1973, which were a resounding success. Claas produces the most chippers by a long shot.

With the takeover of Renault Agriculture at the start of 2000, Claas also entered the world of tractors, and now produces a wide range with a great variety in power and applications.

Claas tractors

There are various types of Xerion:  the 4000, 4500 and 5000, with a maximum horsepower of 530.

This articulated tractor has 4 evenly-sized wheels that are good for transferring forces onto the ground. The tractors are top end, and are utilised for the hardest jobs. This type is often used for spreading manure, sowing and cultivating.

Because the cabin can be rotated, operating convenience is increased, particularly when compacting silage.

A special type is the Xerion 4000 Saddle Trac.

Axion 900 series.

This series is intended for heavy use, and is a real tractor for contractors, with horsepower ranging from 315 to 405. This series has variable transmission.

Axion 800 series

This series has horsepower ranging from 225 to 295. An all-rounder for large businesses and transport. The transmission can be continuously variable or normal.

Arion 600 series

Horsepower ranging from 150 to 175. A great tractor for transport, ploughing and mowing that is up-to-date with the latest technology. There are two options for the transmission.

Arion 500 series

With 145 to 163 hp under the hood.

Atos 300 / 200 series

A tractor anyone would be happy to have, without unnecessary frills.  Comes with horsepower ranging from 76 to 109.